About us

About US – Alpha Farming Equipments
Alpha Farming Equipment is a Indian company with more than 30 years of experience in Farming Equipments for poultry and agriculture. We are specialized in solutions and technology for cost effective and environmentally friendly farming euipments for Poultry and animal farming as well as agricultural farms worldwide.
We work every day to uphold our company’s core values. Integrity, quality,commitment, and innovation are more than ideals we work toward.
Our solutions are a sustainable replacement of the traditional longlines and take all aspects of poultry and animal farm equipments procurement and installation at site. Users of the Alpha Farming Equipments report better working conditions, increased safety for personnel and reduction of the manual labour which in its turn reduces risk of incidents.

Our Vision

We at Alpha Farming want to bring complete solutions for all kind of farming equipments under one roof. Farmers if given proper solutions without the hassle of searching for the solution in ten places and wasting their time and energy can optimize their productivity.

Our Mission

To Provide Timely Solution, Quality Products, Improved Technology All Under one Roof.

Contact Us

For Business Queries mail us at: sales@alphafarming.com or Call Us @ +91 9505721219