Poultry Accessories And Spares

Our company is specialized in manufacturing and supplying Plastic Poultry accessories and spare parts since our establishment in 1990. Our products include Plastic Cage Spare Parts, Watering System, Filters, Mediator, Curtain Winching system, etc. With our poultry equipment, you can increase the number and quality of egg production. We also provide poultry supplies including accessories needed to facilitate breeding both professionally and amateurishly. Our company not only manufactures but also exports poultry products with the highest quality standards.
Alpha farming integrated scientific research, engineering design and manufacturing of plastic poultry accessories. You can find products for chicken incubators, chicken brooders, trays, drinker and so on here. Our company mainly produce following products with high quality: chicken hatching eggs incubators, Pressure Regulator, Watering System Clamp, Winches, Mediator, Water Tank 5 liter, Cage Mat, Winches, Filters, Curtain Winching System, Drip Cup, Round PVC Feeder, Rabbit Nipples, etc.

Poultry Accessories Suppliers in Hyderabad

Alpha Farming is well-known poultry farming equipment, poultry supplies and poultry accessories suppliers in Hyderabad. We provide Export Quality Poultry Spares, Poultry Feeders & Supplies Manufacturers, Chicken Feeders Suppliers, and Poultry Accessories Manufacturers in India.
At Alpha Farming, we have a large variety of poultry accessories and spare parts. We are the leading company in this field and are known for our quality products among poultry farmers across India. You can buy all kinds of poultry equipment manufactured by us at the very best price from our website with complete details about each product.
For a healthy, happy flock of chickens, you must keep your chickens and their coop clean and well-maintained. Alpha Farming offers a range of poultry accessories including brooder lamps, nest boxes, cleaning solutions, cutlery kits and much more. Alpha Farming is one of the most famous poultry farming equipment and supplies wholesalers and manufacturers in India. For more information, please contact us.
In this category you will find our best poultry accessories: Pressure Regulator, Watering System Clamp, Winches.
pressure regulator

Pressure Regulator

water system clamp

Watering System Clamp



pressure regulator

Pressure Regulator



water tank 5 liter copy


cage mat

Cage Mat





curtain winching system

Curtain Winching System


Drip Cup

round pvc feeder

Round PVC Feeder

rabbit nipples

Rabit Nipples