California Poultry Cages

From the start of your poultry business, the choice that you must make is to buy or build a cage for your poultry. Poultry cages can be found for sale in specialist stores, agricultural outlets, such as agricultural supply stores and feed stores. But if you want to buy quality cages having high durability at a low cost, then Alpha Farming Equipment’s is the perfect place. We are well known for California Poultry Cages Manufacturers and Suppliers. Our customers can purchase cages from us in bulk quantities as per their requirement.
We have the best deals on the market. They have an extra-wide door opening for easy cleaning of birds and dropping of feed. It has an open wire floor with a slip-resistant ABS base to prevent the chicken droppings from getting stuck into the bottom tray. Get the best and branded poultry cages from Cages India. Poultry Breeders, Farmers or Farmers can grow their business in real-time with us. We supply complete poultry equipment including chicken coops, feeders, drinkers and more. In addition to that chickens require different types of cages for their protection and safety.

California Poultry Cage Manufacturer and Suppliers

Alpha Farming Equipment’s is a California Poultry Cages Manufacturer and Supplier Company from Hyderabad, India. We deliver only quality cages that are safe, healthy and easy to use. A California Poultry Cages Manufacturer from India, we also provide a wide range of equipment such as poultry feeders and drinkers, ventilation fans, dust extractors, at affordable prices. We have the expertise and capabilities to design the perfect system for your needs. Our customers are large companies or small-scale entrepreneurs

Alpha Farming is the leading manufacturer and exporter of poultry equipment. This equipment is widely used for the proper treatment of poultry birds for more growth and production of eggs. We offer a wide variety of quality products such as chicken cages, egg incubators, auto feeders, disease control equipment, brooders, electric broilers as well as services to our customers such as designing & development, installation & training.


Poultry cages in various models

A type, H frame, california cages, comfort cage system for both open and closed houses. These are made of hot dipped galvanized wire.

Manufacturing Range includes:-